A team of dedicated experts

With a long experience in Asset Management, Fund Custody, Financial Databases, Digital Marketing and Journalism, our team is extremely proud to have developed a set of innovative solutions for all the actors of the Fund Industry, combining high quality, flexibility and very competitive costs.

  • Jean-Baptiste SICARD President With more than 15 years of experience in the financial industry, Jean-Baptiste held positions as Portfolio Manager and later on as Commercial Director at a Portfolio Management company, before he joined B* Capital, as head of Commercial Development of the Fund custody activity with entrepreneurial AM firms. In 2011, he founded EURONEXT FUNDS360 to offer broad access to qualitative Fund information to all the investors.
  • Olivier de Bellescize Managing Director With more than 20 years of experience developing commercially successful financial databases on equity investors, bond holders and on Mutual Funds. Olivier joined EURONEXT FUNDS360 in 2016 to accelerate the expansion of EURONEXT FUNDS360 and manage its international development in Europe.
  • Nils de Vathaire Head of IT At the head of a team of IT specialists all passionate with data, Nils oversees all the key developments in data automation and artificial intelligence. Nils is also in direct contact with our clients’ IT teams to help them with the smooth integration of our data and our API.
  • Xavier Colautti Chief Data Officer With a Master in Data Management and Digital Publishing, Xavier, who leads the DATA team, is one of our financial data experts with a long experience at FactSet in Data Research in Data QA and Project Management. Xavier also has strong expertise in managing fund referentials on a very large scale. Xavier not only accompanies the Asset Managers in the integration of their data in the Euronext Funds360 database, he also brings high level support to our back office customers that use our API to integrate our DATA in their systems.
  • Marion Spiteri Media Solution Marion is a specialist with nearly 15 years of experience in the financial industry, responsible for digital products. She managed projects to redesign web sites, mobile applications and CMS of several major business and financial media brands (BFMTV, BFM Business, BFM Bourse ...). Marion works with all the projects’ participants to create solutions that meet the needs of the customers. Marion supports the Asset Managers in promoting their fund products on our specialized platforms Fundswatch and EuronextFunds360.
  • Raphael Delacouturière Process Engineer Graduate from the ICAM Engineering school, Raphael is our Methodology Manager. He intervenes on many fronts with a strong focus on process improvements and quality controls. Raphael also participates in the integration of our new customers by conducting detailed analysis of their data needs. Raphael ensures that the solution deployed by Euronext Funds360 meets the expectations of our customers.
  • Sébastien Amand Manager AM Relations Sebastien joined Euronext Funds360 in 2019 after more than 15 years in the fund administration business. Deputy Head for OFI AM Middle Office, then Project Manager at BP2S where he was responsible for the RFP, Sebastien is now in charge of relations with the European Asset Managers and their service providers (custodians). He drives the collection and the quality control of data flows (OST, EPT, EMT, events, fees) across the large fund universe covered by the Euronext Funds360 database.
  • Fabien Dauvergne Lead Developer Fabien joined Funds360 in 2017. As a talented software developer, Fabien was seduced by our company culture of constant innovation. Passionate about data, he is now in charge of automating all incoming data, controlling our different data flows and improving our processes.
  • Hiram Head of Automatization Data specialist, Hiram is our mascot who learns from his mistakes and improves the quality of our data second by second. It manages to update thousands of data points on a daily basis! .
  • Anne Nicq Manager data QA Trained as a Telecom engineer, Anne has over 10 years of successful experience in logistics and multimedia publishing. Anne is responsible for quality control and for our outgoing data flows. With a keen sense of customer service, Anne oversees a multitude of daily initiatives to ensure a high level of client service and contribute to the overall quality of our data.
  • Gulnara Le Guen Data Analyst Gulnara joined Euronext Funds360 in 2019. She has over 15 years experience in financial markets data, first with ArcelorMittal's financial management then with FactSet as a Content Manager responsible for private equity markets. A graduate of Université de Strasbourg, Gulnara has a proven track record in analytics and database management. She is now in charge of data quality control, project management and machine learning for all of our clients.