Gavekal Investments S.A.

In a world in which beta' can be accessed at highly competitive rates, Gavekal Capital aims to offer investors non-benchmark correlated, cost-effective, streams of returns. Our investment strategies can be accessed either through managed accounts, through our UCITS funds and through mutual funds.

On the money management front, Gavekal is currently present in three cities: Hong-Kong, Luxembourg and Denver and is regulated by the local authorities in each jurisdiction (SFC and SEC in Hong Kong, CSFF in Luxembourg, SEC in Denver). In addition, the manager of our UCITS funds, Gavekal FMIL, is regulated in Ireland by IFSRA).

With four Gavekal partners (three on the money management side and one on the operational side), three additional portfolio managers, nine analysts, one risk control manager, and one trader, Gavekal Capital is well staffed to tackle the challenges of investing in today's world.

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