KBC Asset Management

KBC Asset Management (NV) has its registered office in Brussels and fully owns two entities in Luxembourg (KBC Asset Management SA) and in Ireland (KBC Fund Management Ltd.). These two entities qualify as specific competence centers for KBC Asset Management. 
KBC Asset Management has affiliates in Central Europe, its second "home market": KBC Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych in Poland, CSOB Asset Management a.s. Investment Company in the Czech Republic, K&H Investment Fund Management in Hungary and a branch in Slovakia. 


All these entities are active in the local markets and perform research and manage local funds. They offer support to the KBC Asset Management group to facilitate the strategic development of the Central-European markets. 
In India, KBC Asset Management is 49% shareholder in a joint venture with the Union Bank of India: Union KBC Asset Management in Mumbai. Via the Indian Joint venture KBC Asset Management capitalizes on the opportunities for the ongoing development of KBC Group's asset management business. 
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Adresse Avenue du Port 2
1080 Brussel
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Autorité de tutelle FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Authority)
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MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES Actions Monde Santé 308.67 M€ 3.76 % 15.56 % Ajouter à ma sélection
BUYBACK AMERICA Actions Etats Unis 190.36 M€ -3.11 % 6.70 % Ajouter à ma sélection
US SMALL CAPS Actions Etats Unis Petites et Moyennes Capitalisations 43.17 M€ -16.51 % -7.89 % Ajouter à ma sélection
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KBC ECO FUND - ALTERNATIVE ENERGY Actions Monde Energie 50.03 M€ 13.28 % 30.86 % Ajouter à ma sélection
WORLD Actions Monde Environnement 215.85 M€ -7.58 % 3.88 % Ajouter à ma sélection
WATER Actions Monde Eau 821.45 M€ -7.69 % 5.44 % Ajouter à ma sélection
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