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Quoniam is a leading pioneer in the development of quantitative investment strategies, and one of the most successful investment boutiques in Germany.


The company was founded in 1999 as a joint venture between DG BANK AG (DZ Bank AG since 2001), PanAgora Asset Management Inc. and Quoniam’s managing partners. In 2002, DZ BANK’s shares were transferred to Union Asset Management Holding AG. Then in 2009, after ten highly successful years enjoyed with Quoniam’s management as a joint venture, Union Investment subsequently went on to acquire PanAgora’s shareholding. The new shareholder structure also brought with it a change of company name; Union PanAgora became Quoniam Asset Management GmbH. Quoniam was and still remains, an independent asset manager led by an established management team, with four of its five members having been part of the company since its foundation.


Since day one, Quoniam’s success has been driven by focusing on a clearly defined specialist approach: we develop quantitative investment strategies for institutional investors in the core asset classes of European, Emerging Markets and global equities, as well as European and global bonds.


Depending on an investor’s individual preferences, our asset management portfolios, segregated accounts or institutional mutual funds can be invested into.


We are an enthusiastic partner for your intelligent investment solutions.


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